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Indonesia - Bali

Bali Soft Adventure, Private Tour

10D | Private round trip | From and to Denpasar

Standard or deluxe category hotels

Departures every day

From EUR 1694 p/pers (depending on departure date)


Ubud: Known for being the artistic and craft center of the island, tradition is particularly important there and religious festivals take place almost every day

Pengelipuran:  The traditional countryside impresses with its unique lifestyle, socializing ways and culture

Munduk: Visit this peaceful mountain village surrounded by stunning vistas and ancient guesthouses.

Pemuteran: This popular oasis, located on a small bay shaped like a dog bone, is known for its artful resorts and incredible tranquility, thanks to its location in an extinct volcanic crater, protected by thriving coral reefs

Candidasa: In this charming little town, the main road is dotted with small hotels, guest bungalows and restaurants serving a variety of culinary specialties

Sanur: Sanur Beach maintains its artistic and cultural richness. The city is also known for its artists who have been experimenting with all kinds of art forms and new techniques since the 1960s

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